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    Product List

    TBYS-600 Double screw co-extrusion Blown film machine

    Product details
    TBYS-600 Double screw co-extrusion Blown film machine

    Performance USES:

    Blowing various specifications of low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene and linear low density polyethylene plastic film, widely for food, department stores, daily, chemical industry, this product, shopping gift bag and industrial packaging.

    Barrel, screw adopts the high quality and CnMoAi alloy material after nitriding process precision processing and become, has the best wear-resisting and corrosive.

    Grinding head according to demand with 360. The area.

    The winding according to demand with double the double open.

    Technical parameters:
    Screw diameter 45mm 55mm 65mm
    Screw length-diameter ratio 28:1 28:1 28:1
    Blown film range 10-600mm 300-1000mm 300-1200mm
    Blown film thickness LDPE 0.015-0.020mm LDPE 0.015-0.020mm LDPE 0.015-0.020mm
      HDPE 0.08-0.05mm HDPE 0.08-0.05mm HDPE 0.08-0.05mm
    production 10-35公斤/小时 10-60公斤/小时 20-70公斤/小时
    Total power 18kw 25kw 35kw
    Envelop dimensions 5000×2500×3500mm 5400×2800×4500mm 6200×3000×4800mm
    Total weight 4500kg 3800kg 4300kg