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    ZXB Automatic gloves machine

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    ZXB Automatic gloves machine


    The machine adopts microcomputer control, remains the frequency conversion speed, with ultra-low sound, speed, automation degree higher characteristic.

    Technical parameters:
    Total power 6.0kw Total 6.0kw
    The main motor 1.5kw Main electrival machinery 1.5kw
    Dc motor 300kw Direct current machine 300kw
    Stepping motor 50nm Walk into the electrical machinery 50nm
    Fingerprint electrical heating 3.6kw The hand mould electrivity is heated 3.6kw
    Shape dimension (LⅹWⅹH) 3300ⅹ920ⅹ1650mm Quter Dimension(LⅹTⅹH) 3300ⅹ920ⅹ1650mm
    Production speed  ( Minutes ) 110-140 Speed of production 110-140