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    Product List

    JBE-500-700-900 Hot sealing and cutting bag making machine

    Product details
    JBE-500-700-900 Hot sealing and cutting bag making machine

    Performance effect:

    The machine is suitable for OPP, PE, PP plastic materials such as the hot sealing and cutting

    Bag making, widely used in medicine, food, family daily necessities, documents and files, clothing and other products in the outer packing.

    "Host USES frequency conversion stepless speed, to ensure smooth operation.

    "Master control points of PC cardio-cerebral micro control.

    "Stepping motor control bag length, automatic counting alarm in advance.

    "Magic eye to be automatic tracking, feedback, bag making small error.

    "To be automatic high-order stop, the temperature silicon-controlled rectifier control, temperature difference is small,

    High sensitivity.

    "Glue, machinery (pneumatic) punch. Ultrasonic knurling,

    Jane material openings, turn over the side can be single completed.

    Technical parameters:
    Model JBE-500 JBE-700 JBE-900
    Bag making width (mm) 500 700 900
    Bag making length (mm) 45-500 55-700 55-900
    Working voltage (v) 220(380) 220(380) 220(380)
    Bag making speed (m/min) 60-120 60-120 60-120
    Total power (kw) 3.5 4.5 5.0
    Machine weight (kg) 650 850 950
    外形尺寸(m) 3.6ⅹ1.2ⅹ1.5 3.6ⅹ1.4ⅹ1.5 3.6ⅹ1.6ⅹ1.5