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    Product List

    Double channel even roll vest bag making machine

    Product details
    JBE-500 Double channel even roll vest bag making machine

    Performance USES:

    This equipment is according to the foreign trade export film bags the requirements of the enterprise, the development and production of themselves with light, electricity. Gas, instrument in one of the Lord to be automatic computer even roll vest bag bag making machine. Mainly used in the PE, PP, PVC and so on many kinds of hot melt sex film bag. Has the photoelectric control automatic feeding, color printing bag of photoelectric tracking color code, the double location the feeding, double location sealing, step motor control the speed and bag length,. Were counting, rewinder tidy, is the production of double way even roll back, bags and even the most ideal equipment (flat pockets.

    Technical parameters:


    Bag making width 50-500mm
    Bag making length 20-1800mm
    Bag making speed 30-120条/分×2
    Bag making thickness 0.008-0.15mm
    Bag making varieties Color printing bag, white bag
    Type of bag making Even the roll vest bag, even roll flat pockets
    Total power 6kw
    Envelop dimensions 3850×1300×1800mm