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    Product List

    TBYS-500/700 Polypropylene film blowing machine

    Product details
    TBYS-500/700 Polypropylene film blowing machine

    Performance USES:

    The machine is suitable for all kinds of transparent bag (such as clothes bag, children toy packaging, medical packaging etc.)

    Technical parameters:
    Model TBYS-500 TBYS-700
    The material suitable for PP PP
    Membrane wide 500mm 700mm
    Film thickness 0.015-0.15mm 0.015-0.15mm
    Screw diameter 55mm 65mm
    (L/D) 30:1 30:1
    Second, National Culture 38CrMoAI 38CrMoAI
    Electric heat 15kw 18kw
    Temperature control point 4Z 4Z
    Screw the cooling fan 0.25kw 0.25kw
    Drive motor 11kw 15kw
    Die diameter 200mm 280mm
    The wind ring diameter 350mm 450mm
    Biggest film production 40kg/h 60kg/h
    Cooling windmills 0.55kw 0.55kw
    Lead take wheel wide 600mm 800mm
    Effective lead take membrane wide 500mm 700mm
    Lead take motor 1.5kw 1.5kw
    Lead take speed 5-30m/min 5-30m/min
    Winding wheel wide 600mm 800mm
    The biggest winding diameter 450mm 450mm
    Winding motor 50kg/cm 50kg/cm
    Machine size 500×160×380mm 530×180×380mm
    Packing size 220×120×200mm 220×120×200mm
    Net/gross 1800-2200 1800-2500